This is the bookshop project by Jiazazhi Photobook Centre. We specialized in Chinese and Asian Photobooks. We based in Ningbo, China. 

Besides the publications by Jiazazhi, we also sell selective books by other publishers or self-published books by Chinese and Asian photographers, as well as some high quality photobooks from western publishers.

Please feel free to mail us on any inquiry or doubt. 

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About the shipping, we only provide TNT, DHL, UPS or FedEx service (depending on the country). When you put an order, please fill your phone number for the delivery!

Please note, this is very important! When the parcel is returned because you cannot provide the materials for customs clearance, the cost will be very high and it  should be paid by you. Moreover, we will not return you the shipping fee. So, please contact us if you meet any problems for customs clearance. Thanks!