Zhang Wei╱Artificial Theater╱Last 5 Copies

Zhang Wei╱Artificial Theater╱Last 5 Copies

photography by Zhang Wei / 张巍

Published by JZZP

Limited Edition: 500, numbered and signed.

Size: 230mm x 310mm x 25mm, 108 pages, 42 pictures, with 2 posters

Clothbound Hardcover 

Published in September 2014

Zhang Wei was born in 1977 in Shangluo, Shaanxi Province. He now lives in Beijing. He was nominated by the 2009 Sovereign Asian Art Prize, and won the 2010 Annual International Fashion New Artist Award of Global Times; the TOP 20 Chinese Contemporary Photo Award in 2011; the New Photographer of the Year in 2013.

All works in this series were not taken directly by a camera. In the last two years he mixed the parts of ordinary faces in his old portrait series to collage new faces of famous people. This series, which discussed human identity, was inspired by Zhang Wei’s favorite Japanese game “Artificial Girl”. 

Many people may think these works are related to politics. However in fact, these are reproduction of Zhang’s personal experience and memories about the times. Every portrait in this series, Hitler, Obama, Aung San Suu Kyi, Momoe Yamaguchi or John Lennon, appeared often in Chinese people’s normal talks.

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