Dustin Shum╱BLOCKS

Dustin Shum╱BLOCKS

Photographs by Dustin Shum

First Edition:500
Signed copy available
Published in October 2014

This book was selected into The Chinese Photobook by Martin Parr and Wassink Lundgren

About the Artist

Dustin Shum was born and currently lives in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts(Honors)Degree in Photographic Design. A photojournalist for more than ten years, he now works as an independent photographer.  Shum has received many awards, for outstanding documentary photography over the years, including those by the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong Press Photographers Association , World Association of Newspaper and Publishers, and Amnesty International.

About the book

BLOCKS is perhaps my Ancient Rome, through which I look back at my past and watch, rather helplessly, people being forced to invest feelings of ‘home’ in these buildings. In addition to exploring the bizarre living conditions inside these artificially engineered residences of happiness, this series is also a memorabilia of the thirty years of my life in public housing.

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