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Country Of Ambition/Yan Ming

Photographs by Yan Ming
Published by  Guangxi Normal University Press
Size:290mm*250mm*30mm, 105 photos
Signed copy available
Published in November 2015

About the artist
The photographer Yan Ming was born in Anhui,in the 1970s. He majored in Chinese language and literature in college. After graduation he worked as a middle school teacher, a rock musician, a magazine editor, a record company promoter,and a reporter. in 2010 he resigned in order to dedicate himself entirely to photography. Yan Ming now lives in Guangzhou;he is the best known for his 'Country of Ambition' series, which has been acquired by collectors both with China and abroad.
About the book
At the core of my work in a concern with our history, out culture, and the environment in which we live.
Behind the surge in economic development, our humanistic traditions have ended up in a lonely and desolate place, and our increasingly finding themselves slighted and undervalued. It is hard for anything to grow in places that have been steamrollered by utilitarianism. These 'Chinese style' scenes reveal the disappearance of the cultural genes that once formed the spiritual foundation of our survival.
To every ordinary person in this great country.

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