Photography by Muge / 木格

Published by JZZP

Size: 215mm x 276mm x 19mm, 112 pages, 57 B&W plates, Clothbound Hardcover with dust jacket
Limited Edition: 600, numbered.
Published in December 2013

Muge’s work titled Going Home is perhaps the most autobiographical series. Muge has a unique point of view, different from the hundreds of western photographers who have tried to represent the region. He drifts through the city and country side mapping people and place, he can relate directly to the dislocated people of the Three Gorges region along the banks of the Yangtze River, because it is where he has lived all his life. Chinese people respond differently to a westerner with a camera, Muge can pass unnoticed or at least his presence does not cause a local reaction. He is able to look people in the eye on literally level terms, in so many ways he is part of the people he represents.

- Louise Clements, Artistic Director of QUAD and FORMAT International Photography Festival

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