Ren Hang╱Huang Jiaqi╱Last Copies

Ren Hang╱Huang Jiaqi╱Last Copies

Photographs by Ren Hang

Self-published by Ren Hang in 2013

Size: 220mmx295mm, 32pages, with a poster

About the artist

Ren Hang,born in 1986 in Chang Chun, died in 2017 in Beijing.

About the book

A record of the Berlin encounter between photographic artist Ren Hang and his lover Huang Jiaqi in 2013.

 These last copies are kept by Ren Hang. We are honor to distribute these books to the world commissioned by Huang Jiaqi.

The book will never be reprinted. The price will raise while the stock be less.

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180 EUR