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Same Paper vol. 1: Free Park

Same Paper 1 published by Same Studio

newspaper "Free Park": 52 pages, 297x420mm
instructions "Free Exhibition": 16 pages, 140x210mm
300 copies
Published in Winter 2013

Debut issue of Same Paper “Free Park” came out in January 2014. Same Paper proudly presents Xiaopeng Yuan, a magazine editor who works and lives in Shanghai. Through his relaxed, sometimes black humor and sex involved photos, plus delightful watercolour paintings, the issue described Yuan’s uncommon ordinary life. The format is designed as larger-sized newspaper with non-bookbinding, and page layout without grid system, to provide a kind of nonlinear reading experience which people can find possibility of surprise at random. The bonus booklet “Free Exhibition” recorded a small, covert photographic exhibition, which displayed photos from Free Park, set in public infrastructures.

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