Jimu Jiao╱In Nowhere
Jimu Jiao╱In Nowhere
Jimu Jiao╱In Nowhere
Jimu Jiao╱In Nowhere
Jimu Jiao╱In Nowhere
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Jimu Jiao╱In Nowhere

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By Jimu Jiao 

Published by MICHAEL KU GALLERY (Taiwan)



120pages, Cloth-bound Hardcover

First Edition:500

Signed copy available

 Published in June 2015


About the Artist

Jimu, born in Changsha, China in 1986.  Lives and Works in Beijing.


About the book

Thoughts about Non-existence and Existence

I name the theme of my photographic pieces as 「 In Nowhere」. Through my art pieces, I would like to raise the discussion about being and nonbeing to capture the essence of life.

I have been shooting and preparing this set of photos from April 2010 to May 2014. In these four years, those minor, insignificant lifeless objects have been the subjects of my photos.

The dust, the lights and shadows, the falling leaves, the floating objects, the cracks on the walls and all sorts of the wasted garbage are my shooting objects. I encountered them on a casual walk, on my way home or in my travel journeys. Those objects are existing yet lifeless, people turn a blind eye on their nothingness and nonexistence.

Most of the time, we only see a limited surface of the life around us.

Photography is a method to recapture the representations of those lives.

Shooting a photo is an act to capture non-existence yet, the image has a lasting existence.

If I affectionately took a photo of blank and empty scenery, would this photo still be worthy of meaning or existence?

In the seemingly meaningless pursuit of nothingness, I created these photos that possess existence. Maybe this is my thoughts about this topic.

Just like Buddha says: Nothingness is the reality.


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