Zhang Xiao╱THEY
Zhang Xiao╱THEY
Zhang Xiao╱THEY

Zhang Xiao╱THEY

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Photo by Zhang Xiao

Published by Jiazazhi Press

64 pages, 54 color photos, 18.5 x 26cm
Clothbound Hardcover, limited edition in 500, all signed
Published by Jiazazhi press in December 2012

Zhang Xiao was born in 1981 in Yantai, Shandong Province. He won the Three Shadow Photography Award in 2010, the Prix HSBC Pour la Photographie in 2011.

STATEMENT by Zhang Xiao:

This is not a real world, though I like them. In a moment, they surpass themselves in reality just like sleepwalking. I seldom talked to them when I shot them, or only made eye contacts with them. Most of the time, I pressed the shutter quickly, with the dazzling flash shooting at right angles. When they awoke and stared at me, I already left in a hurry, because I didn’t dare to look into their eyes. I escaped, just like escaping from myself in the mirror.

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